Basic Kit List

We all tend to go rushing out with enthusiasm and then leave that essential bit of kit behind so here is my basic list that might be useful


Check the weather – note that water temperature is also a factor if wading. You can always take something off, but cannot put it on if you have left it behind!

  • Boots/thigh waders or chest or waist waders + boots if seperate – If Breathables add long-johns and/or heavy fleece trousers under.
  • Weatherproof  walking or wading jacket with integral hood.
  • A suitably warm/waterproof hat.
  • Fingerless bunting gloves or mittens – don’t take neoprene gloves they are useless.


  • Sun or safety glasses
  • A lifejacket + spare canister.
  • salmon fishers – A good strong wading stick


  • 2 x fly rods – what if you break the only one you have?
  • 2 x reels – same reason. Plus spare spools
  • Floating/sink tip/Intemediate/sinking/hi density lines. Spools to carry correct backing.
  • Sinking polyleaders.
  • Spools of nylon/Fluorocarbon/pre-formed leader
  • Flies + hooks if separate
  • A good set of pliers/scissor forceps/nippers
  • Floatant/sinkant/linecleaner/rod tape
  • Net
  • Priest
  • Boat seat – trout fishers

Other useful items:

  • License
  • A waterproof bag or holdall
  • Bag for fish or stringer
  • Waterproof mobile/camera pouch
  • Hand towel
  • A head torch
  • A good knife
  • Hook sharpener
  • 2 pieces of foam backed carpet for getting rod apart
  • Mobile phone
  • Camera
  • Fly tying kit
  • Thermos/packed lunch
  • Cork screw or bottle opener
  • Sun tan cream
  • Mosquito repellant