1) For attaching backing line to the

Use the Arbor Knot. N.B. Some take the line twice around the spool before forming this knot.


2) For joining backing line to the fly line or a loop to the front end of the line.

There are two easy methods using the braided Salmon loops or Braided Trout Loops in my shop (click to visit)

a) Use a braided monofilament loop, glued and whipped (or glued and sleeved) onto the end of the fly line. Then make a loop in the end of the backing and attach this to the braided mono loop (see ‘Loop-to-Loop’ further on).


b) Nail Knot the backing directly onto the end of the fly line.advice_img_knots_2b

3) For connecting the leader to the fly line.

Similar to connecting the backing. Two simple methods can be used:

a) Attach a braided monofil loop to the fly line and connect this to a loop in the butt end of the leader using the Loop-to-Loop knot (see below)

b) The leader butt can be attached directly to the fly line using a Needle Knot (similar to a nail knot)


4) For joining pieces of monofil leader material.

Use a two or three-turn Water Knot, (called a Surgeon’s Knot in America). Alternatives include the Blood Knot and the Double Grinner Knot (Uni Knot).