Saltwater & Other Species

Fly Fishing For Other Species

Fly fishing is not restricted to just trout and salmon. In modern times, fly fishing has been extended to a host of other quarry species in both fresh and salt water. Provided a fish can be reached with ‘fly’ tackle, the scope is almost endless. In the seas around Britain, we can fly fish for bass, pollack, garfish, mackerel and mullet; while in fresh water, the fly rod is becoming increasingly popular for pike, perch, carp, chub and dace. There are places in the Baltic where, at certain times, one could theoretically hook pike, cod and sea trout on successive casts …all on a fly rod!

Saltwater Fly Fishing

The primary requirement for all saltwater fly fishing is to be able to cast often bulky, awkward flies in windy conditions. Rods and lines are typically in the range AFTM 8 – 12. The frequent need to pitch a fly accurately and to distances of 25 metres plus are a serious test of casting skills.

Fly reels used for saltwater need to be corrosion resistant and hold plenty of backing (200 -400 metres, depending on the quarry). Some marine species are unbelievably fast and strong and reels need to have smooth and reliable drag systems to cope with such fish.

My ArrowHead Bluewater fly rods have been designed specially for saltwater fly fishing. The Bluewater #8/9 model is an outstanding, long casting fly rod, intended for bonefish, permit and other species up to around 25lb. It has also proven itself as an excellent pike fly rod. The beefier, Bluewater #11 weight version was designed for heavier fish, such as tarpon and barracuda, where casting finesse has to give way to sheer stopping and lifting power.

To accompany the rods, I have also designed special ArrowHead Bluewater saltwater fly lines. These have a harder coating to withstand the extreme tropical heat and have shorter tapers to turn over bulky or heavy flies. Our new ArrowHead Greenwater lines have identical tapers, but an olive green head colour better suited to fly fishing for pike and other species in fresh waters tinged green with algae.

A detailed treatise on fly fishing for saltwater and freshwater species other than trout and salmon is beyond the scope of this Guide. Please call if you need any specific advice on tackle; methods and fly selection. Here are a few guidelines.

Fish Rod Length
Dace Stalker ArrowHead Dryline 5-6
Mullet, Chub, Perch, Grayling ArrowHead All-rounder #6/7 ArrowHead Lines #6-7
Bass, Barbel, Pollack, Bonefish, Permit,
Smaller Pike, Carp
Bluewater 8/9 Bluewater/Greenwater 8/9
Tarpon, Nile Perch, Large Jack, Large Pike Bluewater 11 Bluewater/Greenwater 11

ArrowHead Bluewater Fly Rods

Our rods have taken the market by storm. Countless anglers have bought them for bonefish, bass, pike and permit and even as long range reservoir rods. When matched with the Bluewater lines they are truly spectacular to cast long distances with.

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ArrowHead Bluewater Twin Lines

Bluewater twin-lines have a harder coating to withstand the extreme tropical heat and slightly shorter tapers to correct the flight profile for dealing with heavy flies and strong winds.

Now available in both the original 8/9 bonefish/bass version and a heavyweight 11 version for the real monsters. The 11 weight version is also built on a 50lb breaking strain core for maximum strength to hand on to that tarpon or sail fish and is ideal for casting big lures for pike.

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Finally, please remember how dangerous the sun can be, especially in the tropics (but also in an English summer). I am fully qualified to give such a warning. BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL!