Spey Casting One Day Crash Course


Oh and in case you were wondering? Yes it is!

Oh and in case you were wondering? Yes it is!

Spey Casting One Day Crash Course (4 hours tuition) fixed charge for up to 4 people, £300 for the day.

This is a crash course, held here at Little Saxbys Farm on the Kent/Sussex borders, to teach the essentials of casting with a double handed rod and how to Spey cast. It is designed for those who are unable to come to Scotland for the three day courses. The charge is inclusive for the day and the ideal is two people but if you want to save on cost I can accommodate up to 4 with double handed rods.

They were here too!

They were here too!

The course runs in 2 x 2-hour sessions from 10am until 12noon and from 2pm until 4pm allowing you sufficient time in the middle either to continue practising or to have a rest over lunch.

As it is not held on running water you can expect to learn the principles and mechanics of what you will be trying to achieve when you get to the river. This should be sufficient to be able to get a line out and catch fish or to deal with any technical casting faults you may have, but in truth, it is not as good as learning on the real thing.

All you need to bring is: a packed lunch (unless you would prefer to go off to the pub!) a pair of (sun) glasses to protect your eyes, gumboots and waterproof clothing. You don’t need to bring any tackle as all tackle can be provided, although you are welcome to bring your own and have it thoroughly checked over if you would prefer.

Morning Session

  • The principles of casting with a double handed rod with a floating line.
  • Roll Cast.
  • Jump Roll Cast.
  • Single Spey Cast.
  • Double Spey Cast.


  • Casting off the opposite shoulder.
  • The Snake Roll.
  • The principles of casting with sunk lines and sink tips.
  • Re-cap and fault finder.

The Spey Casting Crash Course can also be given in the form of a Gift Vouchers.