Poacher Twin Line 6


A very short 7 yard head tapered and weighted to load and feel like 10+ yards of an AFTM6. Designed specifically for kids without the wrist strength of older casters and a line that will still cast with little or no skill. But also a popular line for very small waters. A delight to cast.

Length: 27yds (25m) with 7yds (6.4m) Head.

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With three kids of my own and having taught many more, I designed the Poacher to do two things: To be heavy enough that they can feel the pull on the rod (the rod load) and be short enough in the belly or head so as to require very little skill to at least get a line out.

The result is a line that anyone can cast within just a few minutes practice with little or no wrist strength or control over the, more usually essential, casting rod-stop positions.

The Poacher is made with my Twin-line technology constructed using two different line coatings for the belly (head) and the running (shooting) line. This allows a change in the colour (and density in the case of the sinking models) between the running line and the head so that again they are simple to use. Just retrieve the line to the point where the colour changes and recast. What could be easier?

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