ME Salmon Poly Leaders 5′


My own design of extra strong (30lb b.s.) level, looped at both ends, leaders to turn your Salmon floating line into a sink tip. This is the 5ft version. These leaders are made exclusively for me and you cannot buy them anywhere else.



Sink tip lines are very effective for salmon fishing and are notoriously difficult things to cast and I don`t like the tapered ones as they damage too easily in rocky rivers.

My poly leaders are made exclusively for me in five different densities and in 10ft and 5ft lengths. They are level (tapering is unnecessary over this length) built on 30lb breaking strength core and looped at each end, for easy connection to line.

Because they are thinner than the equivalent length of sinking flyline and are made with solid cores they sink at a faster rate and yet they lift out of the water and turn over beautifully.

Colour/Sink Rates:

  • Intermediate – Clear/30 s/m- LSR1
  • Slow Sink – Green/15 s/m – LSR4
  • Fast Sink – Brown/10 s/m – LSR8
  • Extra Fast Sink – Grey/6 s/m – LSR16
  • Super fast sink – black 3 s/m – LSR24


Additional information

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Intermediate LSR1, Slow Sink LSR4, Fast Sink LSR8, Extra Fast Sink LSR16, Extra Super Fast Sink LSR24, Full Set of 5


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