Tay April week Summary 2016

Post script 14th April 2016 – Having reported below, to prove the water height importance at Murthly, Donalds new group got 6 fish from the Lower Water on Monday including a 20 pounder and has had another three that I know about since. Water height 1ft 6ins! 

Well that’s two consecutive years when the weather has comprehensively done us. With heavy rain prior to our arrival lifting the level to 2ft 8ins and heavy rain all day Monday not only spoiling the enjoyment of being out, but then lifting the level to nearly 4ft, the first half of the week was pretty much a wash out fishing wise. It didn’t worry the Icelandic contingent who had come over to learn the art of Spey Casting. When I told one of them it was a pity to find the water up and our chances not so good, he said he wasn’t fussed as he had caught 162 Salmon to his own rod on Ranga last year!

Also nice to see the hut on the Upper Water has been done up, so much so it was difficult to get everyone back out to the serious business of fishing or watching for the Osprey’s which are back again.

But then just to show its never say never Nick D managed a fresh fish of 7lbs and lost another barely a few feet from the bank in the Garth and on Wednesday we got a 10lb fish from Tony’s boat on the top water.

By Thursday the river had dropped back to 2ft 6in and Graham M got a nice fish on the fly from the middle of Stenton wading off the right bank and John E lost a fish from the Green Bank on the top water.

Friday – 2ft 3ins on the gauge and John M landed a 10lb fish from Tony’s boat on the Upper Water by the Holly Bush and yours truly managed another 10lb fish on the fly from the Garth wading across from the left bank.

Heavy rain on Friday night then scuppered us again and on Saturday the water was 2ft 9ins and rising and consequently we had nothing to report.

So 5 fish for the week. Not going to excite any whoops of joy but still 5 more than it might have been. That’s Salmon fishing for you!

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The refurbished hut on the Upper Water

The refurbished hut on the Upper Water

The Osprey's are back

The Osprey’s are back

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Desmond praying for a good draw!

Desmond praying for a good draw!

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